Baillie Herd

“Thank you to the About Faces staff for making our Senior picture experience delightful! You have the process down to an art. From the step-by-step information you mail out to students and parents, to the awesome dressing room personally greeting us! Bart really had a great way of bringing out the personality of our seniors for their photographs. Wendy, your kindness, patience, and organization made the ordering process smooth and easy. The only thing I found difficult at all was picking which photographs to purchase. They were ALL top notch!!”

Tyler Bass126Tyler Bass

Had a great experience at About Faces and the pictures turned out great! Very impressed with the props. Definitely recommend it! Thank you Bart!!

Jenna Mitchell159

Jenna Mitchell

I’m so glad I chose about faces for my senior pictures! Bart and Megan really made it a great experience! My favorite part was all of the different props and how comfortable I felt during the session.

Annie Pfeifer112Annie Pfeifer

LOVE my senior pictures! LOVE the service! Highly recommended to anyone. Thank you guys so much for making my senior experience that much more memorable ๐Ÿ™‚




Kaylee Pierson160Kaylee Pierson

I LOVE my senior pictures. They did such an incredible job. Also, Bart, mission accomplished with the video. Momma cried.





Aleia Ream136


Aleia Ream

The photographer, Bart, was amazing, skilled and patient, yet he never wasted a second. Megan, his assistant, was a tremendous help as she showed us exactly what Bart wanted us to do and helped to keep my hair and clothing straight and neat before each photo we took! All around, they were amazing!